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Coming Soon – The 2.30 Flight from Kampala

By Cliff Le May A light-hearted ‘poke’ – pun fully intended – at the expected influx of bogus straight men shamelessly posing as oppressed gays fleeing persecution in Uganda, in order to take advantage of Britain’s woefully liberal immigration and asylum laws. These people will even supersede all the other refugees in case there be…

Book/Film Review – QUO VADIS?

This 1951 film was based on the 1896 novel of the same title. The story, set in Rome, covers the events of AD 64-68, notably Rome’s conflict with Christians and Emperor Nero’s corrupt and destructive rule. This followed the peaceful order established by Nero’s illustrious and powerful predecessor, Claudius. Domine Quo Vadis? is also the…

Victory in South London!

Deptford Town Hall statues to remain in place! Back in September 2021, we urged our readers and subscribers to fill in an online consultation to fight back against the ongoing campaign by the Woke mob to eradicate our history and cultural heritage.  Goldsmith’s University in Lewisham, South London, in alliance with so-called Anti-Racism campaigners, launched…

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