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Victory in South London!

Deptford Town Hall statues to remain in place! Back in September 2021, we urged our readers and subscribers to fill in an online consultation to fight back against the ongoing campaign by the Woke mob to eradicate our history and cultural heritage.  Goldsmith’s University in Lewisham, South London, in alliance with so-called Anti-Racism campaigners, launched […]

Forgotten Strand Palaces

By Roberta Woods My interest in the whole subject was triggered by a talk and subsequent walk in April 2022 – an event put on by Sir John Soane’s Museum in London’s Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Sir John Soane was the foremost architect of the Regency period and is probably best known for his design of […]

Happy Saint George’s Day – 23rd April!

St George’s Day is a vital day in our Patriotic calendar and most Patriots have heard the myths and legends surrounding our Patron Saint but what are the origins of the St George’s flag. The St George’s flag is often flown by Nationalists and Patriots in England. Church of England Churches often fly the St […]

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