About us

Patriots’ Voice has been set up to provide a strong voice for the patriotic silent majority.

Free from the indoctrination of political correctness, we are aiming to raise awareness of important political issues and to counter the anti-British fake news narrative that is relentlessly pushed by the mainstream media (MSM). We will highlight concerning problems that are a plight to our nation’s well-being and as an antidote, encourage realistic and practical ideas and solutions.

Left-wing activists and politicians are attempting to erase certain parts of our great nations past. So to resist and counterbalance the left-wing agenda, this website will be promoting Britain’s historical achievements as well as fascinating events and legends of historical and cultural importance.

At Patriots’ Voice we will NOT ask you for financial contributions as we are all volunteers who do not use the patriotic cause to make money. All we ask you to help us with is promoting our content. If you enjoy a report or article on this website, please share it on social media, with your friends, family and contacts. Follow us on our social media accounts which are on our home page.

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