Victory in South London!

Deptford Town Hall statues to remain in place!

Back in September 2021, we urged our readers and subscribers to fill in an online consultation to fight back against the ongoing campaign by the Woke mob to eradicate our history and cultural heritage. 

Goldsmith’s University in Lewisham, South London, in alliance with so-called Anti-Racism campaigners, launched a consultation designed to pressure Lewisham council to remove statues from the front of Deptford Town Hall. The statues are of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, Sir Francis Drake, Cromwellian Admiral Robert Blake and an anonymous representative naval figure. 

Deptford Town Hall

These anti-British leftists literally want to tear down statues of our war heroes!

See our September post here:


Finally, the consultation results have been published, and a remarkable victory has been achieved!

The results of the online survey we asked you to complete revealed that a whopping 85% of respondents strongly disagreed or disagreed with the removal of the four statues.

The so-called Anti-Racism group from Goldsmith’s

This confirms how if Patriots work together, we can defeat campaign groups who are hell-bent on destroying everything we hold dear! Better still, we have beaten them on their own turf at an ultra-leftist university such as Goldsmith’s in Lewisham.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the consultation!

We have played our part in saving the statues. However, unsurprisingly, Goldsmith’s have ignored the consultation results on the question of erecting free standing explanation panels on the window ledges beneath the statues. Despite only 26% of local postal respondents and 16% of online respondents favouring this option, Goldsmith’s has decided to erect the panels anyway. They also plan to develop a civic and schools engagement programme and a grant for local artists of colour to explore the issues raised by Deptford Town Hall and its statues.

Click on the link below to read the consultation results.

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  1. We have won a significant victory against the Left, thank you Patriot Voice for organising it. Now we need tothe next step is to take the battle into the enemy camp

  2. Common sense prevails as local people voice their
    Opinion in support of ‘ local ‘ heroes, unfortunately the internationalist ‘ left ‘ self haters would never agree to ‘ common sense ‘ and enforce their will on the Goldsmiths college until the college seeks a weak compromise!!!! Time to stand up and celebrate our history and not an apologist version .

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