Victory in Devon!

Yet again, British people have stood firm in the face of Cancel Culture.

The people of Darkey Lane, Lifton, in West Devon have overwhelmingly rejected a proposed name change of their road, consultation results have confirmed.

Coincidentally, a similar road name was saved in Swanage, Dorset recently. (See the link to our report at the bottom of this page).

A complaint was made to the local council by two visitors to the area who found Darkey Lane ‘offensive’.

Following the complaint, Lifton Parish Council wrote to those living in Darkey Lane to launch a consultation on whether the road name should be changed or not. The consultation letter sent to residents had explained that two visitors, one of who is of Caribbean heritage, were ‘shocked and extremely upset’ upon seeing the road name.

The letter also gave some historical context into how the road was given its name.

It said: “Darkey Lane was a historic, locally-based road name given before development in the local area.

“The road had originally been a sunken and tree-lined dark lane.

“Over the years and with the use of local Devonshire dialect, it became known as Darkey Lane.”

The results of the consultation were revealed at a public meeting of the council. Approximately 75% of residents who took part in the consultation voted to retain the name. Victory!

The council unanimously accepted the consultation result and resolved to close the complaint with no further action being taken to change the name of Darkey Lane.

Here is part of Darkey Lane in the beautiful village of Lifton in west Devon

So this is another small victory in the long battle to save our once great nation from being erased and cancelled by the woke crackpots!

The British people are becoming sick and tired of people of non-British heritage trying to force their way of life on us to the detriment of our culture and history.

The link below contains the report we did on a similar road name that was salvaged in Swanage, Dorset.

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  1. Every small victory counts as a morale booster but it’s going to take a serious revolution to return Great Britain to her people.

    • Absolutely correct.the real patriotic citizens of the United Kingdom must stand their ground by regrouping,and hammer all that try to destroy our way of life,our culture no matter what it is and our religion

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