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Home Education Part 1

Is school fit for purpose?

School is indeed fit for purpose – the purpose of the left-wing Marxist, anti-white, anti-British, and anti-Christian agenda is indeed the purpose of schools.

From the moment they are old enough to understand, they are taught that white British people are responsible for almost every atrocity in history. Furthermore, they are being made to feel they (we are talking about six year olds here) should take the blame, shoulder the responsibility and be passive in the face of non-white aggression.

The word ‘racist’ is used over and over again. It is drummed into the minds of children from a very young age that their ancestors were ‘racist’ and were bad people. This is done to start the process of indoctrinating them with guilt!

The supposed guilt for what their great, great, great, (however many great) grand parents did is a stigma that indigenous British school children have to deal with every day. No wonder many decide that school is not for them.

The worst performing children in Government exams are white working-class boys. Why? 

Indoctrination with left-wing Marxist and anti-British dogma is nothing more than a psychological war against the average, ordinary, indigenous British person. It starts at school!

In recent times, one of the newer methods of pushing guilt and self-loathing into the minds of youngsters has been use of the term ‘white privilege’. For poor white working-class children, this must be as confusing as it is false.

It is possibly causing mental and emotional damage to our children that could affect them in various different ways as they grow up and become adults.

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White working-class boys have been let down by decades of neglect.

Children in the English school system (the Scottish system is different but arguably worse) are being indoctrinated from a very young age. Children are herded into nurseries to let their parents work full time, from the age of three.

We are told from a young age, “you have to go to school”. That is utterly incorrect. The law requires that every child receives an education. You must make sure your child gets a full-time education that meets their needs (for example if they have special educational needs). You can send your child to school or educate them yourself. Children must get an education between the school term after their 5th birthday and the last Friday in June in the school year they turn 16.

Enough is Enough!

Is school fit for purpose?  That depends on whose purpose. School is (in general) the worst possible place to send children. The left-wing takeover of classrooms happened quite some time ago.

There are alternatives. There is a solution. Home Education is the best alternative and you do not have to follow the national curriculum. 

Although we totally understand that for some parents it is impossible, due to having to work long hours to pay the bills and put food on the table.

However, increasing numbers of parents who want the best for their children are circumventing the state school system and introducing their children to Home Education. We should encourage all Patriotic parents to do the same and move towards it fast. Time is running out.

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  1. All this is because the Marxist and Liberal Left are marching through our Institutions, known as the Long March of the Left. It isn’t just Education. It’s the Judiciary, the Police, Gender Identity, Universities, the NHS, Armed Forces, Local Government and many more, while the supine Tories passively look on.

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