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Help Resist the Islamification of Britain!

Patriots’ Voice is totally opposed to the Islamification of our country!

Britain is being colonised by the third world due to the deliberate policies of Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Green party politicians. 

We were never asked during general election campaigns or in any party manifesto if we wanted millions of foreigner’s to permanently settle in our country! Therefore, no elected party has a mandate to inflict an open borders immigration policy onto the British people. The British people have been betrayed, there is no doubt about that.

Enough is Enough!

The political charlatans and traitors mentioned above have been undermining us for decades. One of the many problems industrial scale immigration has brought to our shores, is the Islamic way of life. Islam, by its very nature, is incompatible with modern Western democracy.

It’s imperative that we take action lawfully to preserve our traditional British and Christian way of life.

Symbols of Territorial Conquest

Applications are constantly being put forward to local authorities for existing community buildings such as pubs, churches, community centres and so on, to be converted into Mosques. We must be part of an organised resistance if we are to protect and preserve the Britain that our forefathers fought and died for.

Mosques and Minarets are little more than symbols of territorial conquest.

Our brave heroes who literally gave their lives to keep Britain British, didn’t do so with a vision of Mosques and Minarets dominating our towns and cities. This is certainly not what they wanted for their grandchildren and neither do we!

So we are urging all our website visitors to get behind a man who is a key linchpin in the resistance of blocking the gradual Islamification of Britain.

Gavin Boby is a planning permission lawyer who opposes the building and expansion of Mosques.

Gavin has been doing amazing work opposing Mosque application’s the length and breadth of the country.

Mr Boby has successfully stopped approximately 50 Mosque application’s over the last few years. Due to his clever and dynamic work he has even been dubbed, the ‘Mosque Buster’.

Put simply, Gavin gets results and WINS.

He is one of the only WINNERS on the Patriotic Nationalist scene right now.

Gavin Boby has successfully stopped Mosque application’s the length and breadth of the country

How You Can Help!

One important way of helping Gavin continue this vital winning work is to donate to him.

Here is a link to his website

Here is a link to his You Tube channel

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  1. Gavin Boby is doing a great job, stopping Mosque applications. A friend of ours in Bolton has been doing the same thing for several years, both in Britain and in Ireland, with huge success. Our friend also knows of all the scams that are operated by Lancashire Muslim Councillors, who are scamming the taxpayer out of £millions and getting away with it, because the cops don’t want to show them in a bad light.

    Several years ago, those same muslims were taking coachloads of their fellow muslims from Lancashire and Yorkshire to London, week after week for years – at huge cost in stolen taxpayer’s money – to campaign to get Sadiq Khan elected as Mayor of London. As we now know, they succeeded in that quest, as they do with most Mosque applications, for a few reasons…

    1. Those in charge at the planning office are Common Purpose (aka British Communist Party) rats who are actively destroying OUR HOME from within;
    2. Many Councillors are afraid to challenge them in case they are seen as being RACIST – “Oh my God! Those racists are worse than murderers!!!”
    3. Most sovereign indigenous Britons are too lazy to do anything to stop the takeover of OUR HOME by immigrant invaders. Anyone can attend a council meeting, as observers, and make notes of what’s discussed and which Councillors are anti-British, but they don’t know they can do that and they don’t want to go alone. Before I became a nationalist Councillor, I attended lots of meetings and took copious notes of what was said and who said it. The snakes were crapping themselves because they knew I was involved with a nationalist group, and they also knew that we nationalists have a habit of exposing the truth! I went on to be elected to that Council twice. Anyone can become a Councillor!

    The rape of British children and the rape of OUR HOME will continue until the British people develop enough courage to expose the truth! Then and only then, will we start to regain our country.

  2. The tidal wave of unlimited ‘ illegal’ unwanted gimmigration continues unabated with no end in sight .
    Successive governments since the 1960’s have encouraged gimmigration on the pre text ” the do the jobs you ( white ) people don’t want too . Really??
    The recent governments have now changed their mantra and too refuse gimmigration is against their human rights ( human rights convention 1951 ) and there is a whole industry of lawyers ,non government organisations ( NGO ) that have sprang up to defend the right to remain and access the benefits system too say nothing of the national health service ( NHS ) .
    Whole towns even cities have reached the point where the indigenous are a minority. This is a dangerous situation as ‘ alien ‘ voters are now standing their own candidates regardless of party affiliations mainly to represent the views of their community when deciding parliamentary or local government affairs non more so than those who represent the biggest threat to our way of life ( and very existence) ISLAM
    Islam is no nationalist in concept but universal in out look , therefore a multitude of people’s from multiple countries in these Islands have a unifying factor RELIGION.
    However this is a religion with a world view that of conquest,their sacred book the Koran has a fundamental message ,spread the word until all worship Allah .
    The Christian religions in these Islands have been infiltrated by one world left wing universal doctrine and no longer represent ( or stand up ) our peoples views regarding gimmigration and along with political elite have created a ‘ universal ‘population instead of any indigenous one. We are being replaced without doubt.
    The Islamic way of life and values is not compatible with the ” Christian ” values and way of life,,this is blatantly obvious when we consider our women and the freedom they enjoy.
    As a previous post has rightly said ” anyone can be a Councillor ” yes but we need the Councillor to be RIGHT THINKING and a true representative of the indigenous people so that local council / government on to national policy making MUST ALWAYS be of benefit and merit to OUR OWN FIRST.

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