The perverted education policy of the SNP

In an outrageous and perverted move, Nicola Sturgeon’s Holyrood administration’s Health and Wellbeing Census has asked school children to fill in a detailed report of their “sex lives”. Given that this census includes children as young as 14, and the age of consent to have sex is 16, this is not just political correctness gone mad. This kind questionnaire being given to children without parental consent, smacks of a deeper problem. Trying to normalise children being sexually active is indicative of the sick twisted tendency among whoever has invented and authorised this questionnaire.

The form asks perverted questions which even a normal adult would hesitate to think about, far less admit. There is particular outrage among parents  – and some staff – that youngsters are being asked if they “Have tried anal sex?”.  

Not only are children asked about their sexual behaviour, but also about drug abuse and alcohol use. Again, these behaviours are illegal as well as inappropriate for minors. Also, because of the peer pressured environments in many of our schools, it is inevitable that presenting children with ideas of how they could or should be living, will lead to experimentation with illegal substances or promiscuous behaviour. Putting ideas into adolescent minds is never a good idea. 

Anyone breaking the law in these areas should be educated and taught that such actions are wrong; not asked to declare them on a form at school.

It is unbelievable to think that this is a question to be discussed anywhere in decent society; and evidence of evil and dangerous thinking on the part of adults who think it is okay to ask children about such unnatural behaviour.

Remember, the SNP and Scottish Green representatives on the Scottish administration have a cooperation agreement. They are responsible for education. Devolution has been a disaster within the UK, and this is just one example of how a devolved education policy is bad for children living in Scotland.

Neo-Marxists. Nicola Sturgeon with the Scottish Greens co-leadership Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater

Another concern about the Census Committee’s questionnaire is that although children are not required to give their names, they are asked to provide their Scottish Candidate Number which can be used to indentify them. Schools and Councils have access to the unique candidate numbers, and say “support” will be offered if anything unusal is flagged up.

Given the number of vulnerable younger students who are being asked to complete this form, it does make you wonder what “support” is going to be offered where children admit to being drug users or having previously had perverted sexual experiences at all. Such information would be very useful to anyone involved in grooming gangs or with an unnatural and illegal interest in children.

Also of concern is that the form must be completed in school hours, meaning that children will be unable to ask for a parent’s advice on how to fill it in. Most decent parents would be likely to tear it up.

Thankfully there has been outcry from some teachers and some Councillors, so much that some Local Authorities are discussing refusing to use it. However it remains a serious question as to why and by whom and with what motives such a questionnaire being issued to children, and that they can effectively be identified by their Scottish Candidate Number. What kind of society are we becoming when our children are being asked questions which would have been unthinkable a few years ago?

It is time for concerned parents, teachers and opposition politicians to take a firm stand against this. The encouraging news is, a backlash has started.

SNP ministers have now come under further criticism after refusing to answer a freedom of information request which repeated one of the questions posed to school pupils.

The person making the request asked for “the number of government cabinet ministers who have indulged in anal sex”.

Of course, the SNP/Green administration refused to answer the question, insisting the information is not held. The refusal of ministers to given an answer shows how unreasonable the questionnaire is and adds weight to calls for the survey to be scrapped.

However, the Scottish administration has insisted it will continue to support the controversial survey.

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  1. It’s no coincidence that the SNP are following in a ” catch them early ” doctrine instigated by such as institutions like the Spanish ” inquisition ” . The SNP are pandering too one world liberalism , pushing an agenda of ” normalised ” sexual behaviour.
    In Scotland there is traditionally a high proportion of unwanted pregnancy, school sex education should be aimed at correcting this , many young men and women just don’t realise the consequences of pregnancy both emotionally and financially.
    With requards the LBTQ blah blah community the class room is not the place for ” normalisation” of habits that many find abhorrent.
    Well 21st century people have a choice , so if your are of the LBTQ community you will be accepted ( maybe begrudgingly) BUT please don’t join the teachers in trying to brainwash our kids.

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