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Over the Christmas/New Year Festive Period, patriots were insulted twice, once on Christmas Day by the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Revd Justin Welby in his sermon at Canterbury Cathedral, when he preached compassion for migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats, disingenuously conflating it with the Christmas Story.

The next insult came on New Year’s Eve when it was announced in the New Year’s Honour’s List that Tony Blair would be made a ‘Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter’.  This is the highest honour that can be awarded for chivalry by Her Majesty The Queen.

The Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury are in the highest echelons of the Establishment.

Firstly, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, preached compassion for migrants arriving on our beaches.  His sermon is full of piety but devoid of reality and truth.  

He does not mention that these people have paid huge sums of money to people smugglers. 

He does not mention that these people have travelled through several safe countries to get to France with the avowed intention of landing on our beaches and claiming asylum when they land in our country, our ancestral homeland, which our forefathers and we built, with our own sweat and blood. They could have claimed asylum in the first safe country in which they arrived, yet failed to do so, but with an inflated sense of entitlement and with some considerable arrogance continued to the UK as though they had a divine right to settle here.  LET US BE CLEAR; THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE A DIVINE RIGHT TO SETTLE HERE.

He does not mention that by so doing, they place the lives of their rescuers, the pathetic Border Force, at some considerable risk and, in some cases the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

He does not mention that they put their own lives and, in some cases, their children’s lives at risk by undertaking the dangerous journey across the English Channel.

He does not mention that children playing on the beaches of the Kent coastline in summer suddenly see and are shocked to see a large number of foreign aliens scrambling onto our shores and then kissing the pebbles.

He does not mention that the vast majority of those making the perilous journey are predominately young males, whose values are far different from our own.

He does not mention that in the roads of Calais, truck drivers’ lives have been put at risk by predominately young males trying to break into the back of their trucks, and in some cases attacking the drivers.  

He does not mention that a French Policewoman was stabbed to death by migrants.

He does not mention that these people think that the streets of Britain are ‘paved with Gold’.

He does not mention that thousands and thousands of migrants, which increases year on year, have to be accommodated, placing pressures on local communities and essential services when our own indigenous population is struggling to gain access to essential services.

He does not mention that they are put up in 4/5 Star Hotels at considerable cost to the taxpayer.

He does not mention that many of these migrants have thrown away their passports and documents to avoid being identified.

He does not even ask the question of what sort of people are coming here or whether they are a threat to National Security, a question so obvious to ask given the number of terrorist incidents carried out by asylum seekers ‘failed’ or otherwise.

He does not mention that a failed asylum seeker, Emad Al Swealmeen, who was killed on Remembrance Sunday 14th November in the Taxi in which he was travelling by the bomb he made, was made with murderous intent and packed with ball bearings – not my words but that of the Coroner at the Inquest on 30th December. 

He does not mention that the target was a Women’s Hospital in Liverpool and who knows what the intended target was within the Hospital, possibly a Maternity Ward. Quite possibly, mothers with babies would have been leaving the hospital and babies coming into the outside world for the very first time.  It is only due to good fortune that the bomb he was carrying failed to detonate properly. HE SHOULD NOT HAVE EVEN BEEN HERE. All this, on top of the huge numbers of Afghan refugees who were airlifted out of Afghanistan.

The Archbishop chooses to dodge the issues which concern those of us who are proud of our Britishness, patriotism and indigenous heritage and that we resent our culture and way of life being diluted and eroded. 

It is insulting in itself that one of the leading figures of the Establishment should fail to empathise with the concerns which many of us have of huge numbers of migrants coming to our shores.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

Secondly, in an extraordinary incendiary announcement on New Year’s Eve, it was revealed that Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister between 1997 and 2007, was to be awarded the highest possible ranking in the New Year’s Honour’s List, ‘Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of The Garter’.  It is the oldest and most senior British Order of Chivalry and is solely in the gift of Her Majesty The Queen. The Government is not involved in the award of this particular honour. 

Blair led the UK into the 2003 Invasion of Iraq on the basis that Saddam Hussein, the Leader of Iraq, possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), which was a lie, which Blair later admitted ‘was sexed up’.  Despite numerous UN Searches by Weapons Inspectors, no Weapons of Mass Destruction were ever found. The subsequent Iraq War Inquiry chaired by Sir John Chilcot found that the Case for War was deficient and that in the run-up to the War, peaceful diplomatic options to avoid instability and WMD proliferation had not been exhausted and that the war was, therefore ‘not a last resort’.  At the time of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Saddam Hussein did not pose an immediate threat, and the majority of the UN Security Council supported the continuation of UN weapons inspections and monitoring.

In short, Blair was ‘seduced’ by his close attachment to the President of the USA, George W. Bush.  Blair was also misled by faulty intelligence which he failed to challenge.

Blair also cultivated an over-friendly attitude to Libya’s President Muammar Gaddafi.
If you thought the above is bad, read on.

Much of the information below is taken from ‘Broken Vows: Tony Blair – The Tragedy of Power’ by Tom Bower Extracts appeared in the Daily Mail in 2016.

Under Blair, Uncontrolled Mass Migration, without any electoral mandate, both non-white and EU immigration increased dramatically and changed the face of Britain, England in particular, demographically and psephologically.  This was not only uncontrolled; it was chaotic.  

According to Jack Straw, Blair’s First Home Secretary, all so-called asylum seekers arriving in Britain were genuinely fleeing from oppression and torture.  Officials based at Immigration HQ in Croydon were beyond despair.  Officials told Straw that thousands of Albanians and Iraqis were illegally entering the country by posing as Kosovan refugees.  They were blatant about it, having made no attempt to learn any known dialect used in Kosovo.  Publicly, Blair’s Government spoke about stepping up deportations.  In practice, there were insufficient Immigration staff at Croydon to carry them out; the increase in bogus applications coincided with the loss of 1000 jobs and the collapse of a new Computer System.  Consequently, officials increasingly approved applications rather than engage in endless appeals before judges whose interpretation of the new Human Rights Law favoured bogus applicants.  Meanwhile, Immigration HQ at Croydon approached meltdown, deportations declined, the backlog increased, and news of the chaos spread.

The result! Hundreds of thousands more headed for Britain.

Kent County Council was inundated by thousands of asylum seekers who had landed in Dover.  When they were dispersed, locals protested that blocks of flats and even streets had become foreign territory.

Blair, along with Straw, continued to ignore any problems, and Blair announced he was making it easier for foreign students to study in Britain, which came as a surprise to immigration officials. They warned Straw that it amounted to an invitation to bogus students to enrol in sham language schools and then remain after their visas had expired. Officials’ prophecy after an additional 75,000 students arrived the following year materialised.

Meanwhile, as migration numbers mounted, the Government realised they had to do something. In 1999, a law was passed that outlawed bogus marriage, fined lorry drivers for smuggling in migrants and slightly reduced benefits for asylum seekers.

That was purported to pretend to improve matters, but wait for it – there was a catch! That same law actually strengthened the rights of asylum seekers – by allowing them to stay in Britain until they had exhausted every possible appeal.

Following that, lawyers were patrolling Heathrow, and probably other airports.  Clients were assured of lengthy delays before there was any chance of them being sent back.

The news about ‘tolerant’ Britain spread, encouraging Kurds, Tamils and Sri Lankans to enter as tourists before claiming asylum.  At the same time migrants from the Balkans and Afghanistan headed for Calais to board lorries to be smuggled into Britain.

Others, in their tens of thousands, destroyed their identity documents, making it impossible to deport them.

Before long, there were tens of thousands of new asylum applications.  Marriage rackets were flourishing, and lawyers were schooling applicants on what to tell immigration officers.

By June 1999, the backlog of asylum applications had reached 125,000, compared with 52,000 when Labour came to power in 1997.  Meanwhile, ‘legal’ immigration had soared to 360,000 per year.

Blair admitted years later that “Britain was becoming Europe’s Asylum Capital”.

Neither Blair nor Straw questioned whether this mass migration would affect British workers.  Years later, a report by the Migration Advisory Committee found that 23 British workers had been displaced for every 100 foreign-born workers employed here.

If it was thought it couldn’t get any worse, that would be wrong.  It did get worse.

Barbara Roche was brought in to Government as a Junior Immigration Minister under Straw. Blair’s only instruction to her was to deport bogus asylum seekers.  She did no such thing.  Instead, in her first conversation with a senior immigration official, she said, “I think asylum seekers should be allowed to stay.  Removal takes too long, and it’s emotional”.  The word ‘bogus’, she said, created a negative feeling.

By the time Blair left Office, two million immigrants had arrived in Britain during his tenure.

That is only an extract of Blair’s damage inflicted on Britain, and there is very much more and too much to detail here.

But it does indicate the dysfunctionality of the amoral Blair’s time as Prime Minister and in Government.  A Labour Government must never be forgiven for the damage which occurred to our ancestral homeland. Tony Blair should not be rewarded with the highest and most senior of all honours, the Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. This is a direct insult to our sense of patriotism and to our ancestral homeland. The actions that Blair and his Government took both on Immigration and the Iraq War raise important questions as to how the Establishment allowed so much power to go unchecked.

This and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon on migrants lays it bare: the impact of the naivety and the quite deliberate destruction of what we hold dear and what the Establishment has done to Britain. It is hard to see what benefit the Establishment bring to this country.

There are actions that can be taken to fight back against the status quo concerning Blair. 

There are several online petitions to strip warmonger Blair of his Knighthood. One of them is now approaching One Million signatures! It is recommended that readers sign at least one of these petitions, so we have provided a link below.

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  1. If there is one name in politics to enrage the peoples of these Islands. The lies told that took us too war are nothing short of treason ,and in years gone by he would have been in the Tower NOT receiving ” honours ” .
    As for the wishy washy one world liberalism of Justine Welby and the episcopal elite of the church only reminds us that the Church should stick too religious propaganda rather than politics
    Long gone are the days of Victorian and Edwardian patriotic clergy who BACKED their country and armed forces , and we are poorer for that.
    After two World wars taught us that our people are precious and must never again be squandered by politicians who will never take up arms .

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