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Are our children safe at school?

It is common for politicians and social workers to make statements and policies with the stated aim of making “every child safe”. Sadly, there is very little “safety” in schools. The dreadful case reported yesterday of Julie Morris, a deputy headteacher in Wigan, who was also (you could not make this up) the Head of Safeguarding at school. She was supposed to be in charge of making sure that every child was safe while in school.

Ms Morris was secretly involved in many counts of abusive behaviour towards children, including dozens of child sex abuse and at least nine counts of rape. How is it possible that a teacher who was supposed to care for child welfare was able to commit such depraved actions for so long without being found out?

Her partner David Morris was also involved; apparently, they set up chat groups to discuss which child to abuse and when. The cycle of angry sexual attacks on children only seemed to encourage them to act in the most depraved and perverted manner.

Judge Andrew Menary said “Every now and again you see cases, the circumstances of which are almost beyond belief. This is one of those cases.”

“It demonstrates that human depravity really knows no depths.”

Hideous perverts David Morris and Julie Morris

The fact that these people were able to abuse so many children is breathtakingly awful. Maybe, if our society adhered more to the “Traditional” and “Ethical” standards of behaviour, where the perversions of certain sexual activities were frowned upon rather than encouraged, and certainly not something that is taught is schools, it would help prevent cases like this.

Parents send their children to school, fully trusting that the school has a duty of care towards the child; and have confidence that their child will not be intentionally harmed.

Sadly, in this Marxist styleanything goes” society, child abuse is becoming far too commonplace. The couple went as far as to film the abuse and can be seen laughing about an assault one of them made while the other filmed. This was not a one-off lapse of decency; it was their disgusting way of life.

These evil people have been sentenced to relatively short periods of imprisonment. Thirteen years and four months (of which some will be on parole or remission for good conduct in jail) is a ridiculously short time for a woman who admitted “dozens” of sexual assaults against children under 13, including at least nine rapes.

Her partner David Morris was sentenced to sixteen years imprisonment after admitting to 34 different offences.

The case, which does not appear to involve any children at the school where Ms Morris worked, was only discovered when in a separate incident, Mr Morris’s phone was seized during a search warrant which appears unrelated to his manifest depravity towards children. Many images and 175,000 pages of messages had to be read by prosecutors, containing horrific details of abuse which leaves one speechless.

How can a teacher who is in charge of safeguarding at a school, systematically and with sick enjoyment, go on to admit to nine counts of rape and many other offences against children under 13?

I think those of us with younger children should be very careful about the environment their children are in while being educated. I am not suggesting “helicopter parenting”, but go with your gut instinct and talk to your children, especially if they seem upset or withdrawn.

And I am sure I am not alone here when I suggest that 13 or 16 years in prison should mean exactly that, no remission, no parole; and we should seek to change the law to make sentences for such vile, perverted, disgusting offences longer – whole life would do.

But let us also review how such offences have become so common most people hardly react. It is time to stand up and say no, this is not acceptable in our society, and let’s start electing Patriotic representatives who will do something about it!

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  1. This type of offence is abhorrent to right thinking human beings.
    No one in there right mind could comprehend these ” sick ” acts and actively participate and encourage in this depravity!!!
    There are people in this world that are ” beyond ” the spectrum of decency and humanity and as such MUST be treated as such
    In this case there was no blame on alcohol, drugs or coercion but free will to indulge there sick fantasies !!!!! This cannot be ” treated ” be psychological programmes and ” therapy ” as some ” do – gooders ” would have us believe no rehabilitation could work , no human rights lawyers could argue a defence for these vermin .
    No , there are enough deserving people in the world so as not too miss the bad ones, in heinous crimes like these there can only be one justice that is death before you think this harsh please re read the facts of this case it is a reminder that ” Ian Brady and Myra Hindley ” evil still exists in this world .

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