Lorry Driver Dies after being Attacked by Migrants

It is reported that on Sunday a driver had stopped at a rest area in France. He was doubtless looking forward to getting his job finished and back home. Sadly for him, he never made it.

The incident took place in the Epistle area, located on the A16 in the direction Boulogne-sur-Mer towards Calais, a hotspot for migrants trying to reach the UK!

While at the rest area, the driver discovered three men hidden in his trailer. It appears that the were economic migrants. There are many ways migrants enter the UK, but these three men thought it clever to hide in a lorry trailer as thousands of others have done in recent years.

The driver immediately reported the hidden men to the police, although it does not seem that they arrived very quickly. There are many instances where immigrants try to hide in lorries, and containers, so this incident might not have seemed very significant at the time.

This time however, tragedy occurred while remonstrating with the men, the diver was punched in the face by one of the three, as his horrified co-driver looked on. He collapsed and died shortly afterwards from a heart attack.

There has been reports lately of the shortages of lorry drivers, and frankly this story would put many people off apply for a job driving lorries.

The government will not take serious action to tackle the issue of economic migration to the UK (as we have explained in a previous post on this website). It is very sad that a man was killed in broad day light while simply doing his job. We need much more stringent rules to to prevent those who are trying to find their way into the UK, where – as in this case – they are prepared to attack freely! Withdrawing from the 1951 UN Refugee Convention is the only way to solve this crisis.

While “investigations are ongoing” we do wonder what justice will the unfortunate driver and his family get and will his murderers face significant prison time?

We must secure our borders using the army and bring in the navy to patrol our coastline.

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  1. Once again an innocent person dies at the hands of lawless gimmigrants.
    The roads to the Channel ports and coastline need to be under the military , with the required power to detain any who cannot show papers or prove identity
    Hauliers and other transport workers run the gauntlet of intimidation and attack because the French police haven’t the stomach to do their job , they would rather look the other way as gimmigrants leave France by all means possible. This attitude stems back to the UK voting to leave the EU and many French politicians wishing to take revenge at our audacity at leaving the corrupt European Union and its freedom of movement laws .
    Our spineless government should demand protection for its citizens who travel ( for whatever ) reason ) through France and not be paying millions for the ” privilege ” but they won’t. The reason being we are still bound up in archaic rules concerning human rights ( 1951 convention)
    WELL THE RIGHTS OF OUR OWN CITIZENS COMES FIRST,it is the first duty of a government to protect its own
    A Nationalist government would have no hesitation in withdrawing from the 1951 human rights convention ( it is not fit for purpose ) and opening dialogue with like minded people such as Poland , Hungary and the Baltic States who are finding ” unique ” ways of stopping the gimmigrants.

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