Support the Local People of Linlithgow Against Cancel Culture

In an outrageous attempt to being seen as “woke”, a 350-year-old pub in Scotland named “The Black Bitch”, is to be forced to change its name, by the owners’ Greene King. It is one of the oldest pubs in Scotland.

The Black Bitch, in Linlithgow, West Lothian, dates back to the 17th century and is named after a female dog that forms part of the town’s crest and stands as a monument in the town centre.

Legend has it the greyhound (Black Bitch) saved her master when he was sentenced to starve to death on an island in Linlithgow loch. She used to swim from the town every day with food (from his wife) for him. When this was discovered she was chained to a tree on a different island to suffer the same fate as her master. The townspeople took the animal’s loyalty and bravery as symbolic of their own.

Given that the pub is part of local history, this is nothing other than an attempt at being politically correct, with Greene King suggesting the alternative name “Black Hound”.

The Linlithgow town coat of arms crest features The Black Bitch

For most people, it is difficult to see where such ideas come from. Are we being told to change all pub names that  “might offend someone”? The pub and its name are part of local history and many people in Linlithgow are angry at the potential change.  Local feelings run high and there is now an online petition to leave the pub alone, and that it should remain as it is, famous and historical.

The member of Parliament for Linlithgow has asked Parliament to “abandon plans to change the name of the tavern in a misguided attempt at virtue signalling, and instead recognise the nation’s history and culture”.

Greene King were not convinced, and insist that the words “Black Bitch” are offensive and racist. It is ridiculous that parts of our history and culture are being changed in some “anti racist” agenda.

I am not sure how “Black Bitch” is offensive, it is purely a descriptive part of the towns history. Or how a change to “Black Hound” is any different?

It is really important, at this stage in our history that we are allowed to continue with our own customs and cultures.  There appears to be distinct shift from those in authority, to rewrite history. We do need to fight this, and it is encouraging that local residents are standing up against this attempt of cancelling their local piece of heritage and culture.

It is vital that we maintain our freedom of expression, and to understand them in a local context. The “Black Bitch” name comes from a dog being faithful to her owner, and was given that name without any hint of so-called ‘racism’ or ‘sexism’.

Are we now to remove the word black from our speech or writing? Used in its proper context the word bitch is in no way sexist, it is a biological distinction.

Will the Black Bitch monument in the town be removed or pulled down by Black Lives Matter Marxist thugs? Or will it also be renamed the Black Hound?

The impressive sculpture of The Black Bitch in the town centre

Here’s hoping Greene King will see sense and rethink it’s decision – or if not, let’s hope that the locals vote with their feet and keep away from the “renamed” Black Hound. Or is it time to boycott Greene King pubs altogether?

Patriots’ Voice will be helping the local people of Linlithgow who are concerned about the loss of our rich heritage in the name of “anti-racism”. We urge everyone reading this post to sign the petition below and make a stand against this politically correct nonsense. We are also promoting the petition on our social media platforms.

Where does it end? It is estimated that there are over seventy pubs in the UK with the name “Black Boy” – are we to rename them all as “male person of colour” ?  Furthermore, what about the pubs named “The White Hart”? This name is in the top five names for UK pubs.

The Black Bitch pub hanging sign

Let common sense prevail, as a nation we have many more important things to worry about.

It is great that a petition has been created by shocked local people, so let’s give them some support. Sign the petition using the link below:

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  1. I wish them all they’ll need, in today’s world, to succeed. But, in May’s local election, we’ll see that they’ll put their faith in one of the three CON/Lab/Lib crimminals, and hasten still further their own extinction.
    Those who try to find the middle path eventually find where it terminates. This year I’ve seen that more than any other, when the very people I’ve always wanted to help rescue from their approaching oblivion have, almost all of them, rushed out to fill their bodies with government-approved poison.

    • I just love the name “The Black Bitch”.

      Isn’t there any songs written about that story and that beautiful name?

  2. […] While this seems archaic to us, it was a huge step forward for democracy in the UK, and was marked in Linlithgow by the planting of a willow tree.  By choosing the name Willow Tree to replace the name Black Bitch, those in charge at Greene King are showing both their ignorance of their own company history and their disregard for the people in Linlithgow. Benjamin Greene owned 231 slaves at the time of the Reform Act; and campaigned relentlessly against allowing the spread of democracy, and also against the abolition of slavery.  Despite this, the Greene King pub chain has chosen to rename the Black Bitch (which has no connection at all with slavery). See our previous article on this here: […]

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