Victory for Patriots in Sheffield!

Woke activists have been defeated and common sense has prevailed in Sheffield, south Yorkshire.

Sheffield City Council said it will not change any street names, monuments or collections following a consultation on a review.

The review was co-produced by Sheffield Council, Sheffield Museums, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University and presented to Sheffield’s Race Equality Commission earlier this year.

Woke activists working closely with Black Lives Matter, managed to initiate the process of consultation and review. They identified over 30 street names which they claimed “embody tangible & structural inequalities”.

The initial purpose was to find if Sheffield had any offensive statues or monuments following BLM protests that saw the toppling of a statue of Edward Colston, in Bristol last year.

In a politically motivated statement as the consultation started, councillor Abtisam Mohamed, Sheffield’s executive member for poverty, fairness and equality at the council, said: “Our streets, buildings and monuments tell the story of this city and shape our experience, understanding and relationship with it. This report and the work of the Race Equality Commission is an opportunity to go forward and establish an honest and reflective relationship with Sheffield’s history and heritage, not to rewrite or shame, but to tell a balanced story and to learn for the future.

“Our diverse communities are the living soul of this city, we want all of them to feel valued and at home here, that their roots are honoured and respected, and for Sheffield’s story to be inclusive, up-to-date and authentic. For that to happen those stories have to be told by the people who live within them and are part of Sheffield’s next chapter.”

Councillor Abtisam Mohamed

When the consultation was launched, British Patriot campaign groups energetically got to work!

A consultation on the findings took place between July and September and found most who responded did not want to see any changes.

A council spokesperson said: “We acknowledge this strong feeling and are not currently intending to change any of the existing street names or remove any statues.” 

This fantastic news is a good indication of when well organised Patriots work together by networking online, we can defend and preserve our national heritage and culture!

Well done to everyone who took part in this consultation!

However, the war against the self-loathing woke cranks in Sheffield and elsewhere isn’t over yet, in fact, it’s only just warming up! 

Consultation findings stated there were no statues such as that in Sheffield but there are features across the city in street names, collections and public art which perpetuate ‘racist’, outdated and uncomfortable messages and an inadequate expression of its large and diverse population.

The council spokesperson continued: “The report into statues and street names is only part of the council’s wider responses to making the city and its places, spaces and communities that make up the city”.

More information from the review found that Sheffield’s memorials, plaques, street names and public art do not properly reflect the modern city and its ‘diverse’ communities, and the council is looking at ways both to tell a more balanced history and to better represent the diversity of the city in future. This will be informed by input from the Race Equality Commission and Sheffield’s communities. 

It was no surprise to us at Patriots’ Voice when we saw the mainstream media reporting this news in a biased way. The BBC true to form just couldn’t help themselves, using the headline, 

“Sheffield’s racist street names ‘will not change’, council says”

The BBC using one of their favourite ‘buzz words’.

Local Sheffield newspaper ‘The Star’, printed, 

“Sheffield Council will not change racist street names or any statues following review”

Headline from local Sheffield newspaper – The Star.

The Campaign Continues

Let’s not be complacent about this poisonous campaign to erase and rewrite British history, culture and also the far more sinister plan to replace us in our own ancestral homeland! 

This ongoing battle with the leftist woke fanatics who are obsessed with so-called ‘racism’, is going to be a long hard slog. 

Patriots’ Voice will be working closely with various different Patriotic groups to ensure our readers and subscribers know about important forthcoming campaign’s and consultations.

You can rest assured, by working together in unity with our British brothers and sisters from every part of the United Kingdom, we will never surrender our country, culture, history or our precious and unique Identity.

We will stand strong for as long as it takes, just as our British forefathers have done many, many times throughout history. We will see it through until the bitter end, and eventually, WE WILL WIN!

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To view the report that was submitted to the Sheffield Race Equality Commission, use the link below:

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Thank you!


  1. (quote)
    More information from the review found that Sheffield’s memorials, plaques, street names and public art do not properly reflect the modern city and its ‘diverse’ communities, and the council is looking at ways both to tell a more balanced history and to better represent the diversity of the city in future. This will be informed by input from the Race Equality Commission and Sheffield’s communities.

    The Woke lunatics in their unstinting determination to inflict their precious ‘diversity agenda’ onto the indigenous population fail to understand that it was never the intention that Sheffield’s memorials, plaques, street names and ‘public art’ (whatever that means) should reflect the modern city. This is because the plaques and memorials, such as those who gave their lives in World Wars and other conflicts so that we could grow old, form part of our History and that is why we commemorate and remember them. These events which we commemorate came first and the so-called ‘modern city’ came after.

    Similar nonsense continues unabated in Bristol, where a statue of Edward Colston was toppled in 2020 by the marxist mob and historical buildings were renamed and Edward Colston who donated so much to Bristol was ‘cancelled’ by the ‘woke’ mob.

    They look at the rights and wrongs which occurred in History and pass judgement through the eyes of the present. History can’t be looked at in this way, because if you look at History through the eyes of the present, you obtain a distorted view of History. If the ‘Woke’ fanatics had been born and lived in the same era as Edward Colston (and he is only an example among many), those Woke fanatics would not have thought any differently from Colston at the time. Edward Colston was a man for his era. He did what he thought was the right thing at the time and few thought any different.

    This diversity nonsense must be ditched because it is a cancerous evil. It should be replaced by ‘Meritocracy’ That is a far better approach. Diversity is incompatible with Merit. You cannot have both at the same time.
    Diversity is discriminatory anyway, because it leads to ‘quotas’ and we are seeing this already. Quotas of BAMES in Recruitment processes are already taking place which means that people with merit are being overlooked.


  2. The woke left liberals will always find ” racism ” if they look hard enough , their self loathing and un patriotic sense of identity will always gravitate to opposing the indigenous people.
    This ” self hate ” is now making ordinary plain speaking Nationalists and Patriots take up the pen and fight back against this attack on that they hold dear .
    Well done to the Patriots in Sheffield who show that common sense and a love of heritage and history is not a ” bad ” thing , the idea should be embraced by all who love these Islands and people’s AND THE MESSAGE SHOULD BE CLEAR .

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