Hero Taxi Driver Locked Remembrance Day Suicide Bomber in car!

Liverpool Taxi Driver David Perry was hailed a hero by friends who said he locked an alleged suicide bomber inside his cab just moments before the vehicle blew up outside a hospital.

The explosion happened just seconds before the 11am minute’s silence to mark Remembrance Day was due to take place.

The passenger had initially asked to go to the city’s Service of Remembrance at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral where 1,200 military personnel, veterans and families of the fallen had gathered to pay their respects. 

A friend of Mr Perry, 45, said that he believed that the cathedral was the target but traffic and road closures led to the passenger asking the driver to park at the nearby Liverpool Women’s Hospital instead.

The friend said: ‘David noticed the man had some kind of light attached to his clothing and was messing around with it, it didn’t look right at all.’

David Perry

The man changed his mind and asked to go to the city centre instead. But when they were going past the Women’s Hospital he said to pull in there.’

As Mr Perry pulled into the hospital forecourt he locked the doors so the man couldn’t get out. The device then exploded and fortunately Mr Perry managed to jump out of the car and escape with minor injuries.

David Perry’s taxi in flames after the explosion at Liverpool’s Women’s Hospital

MI5 are said to be working with counter-terrorism police to confirm whether the Cathedral or the hospital was the true target and whether it was an Islamist attack. 

The suicide bombing passenger has not yet been formally identified.

Terror attacks in the UK now take place on a regular basis. This is the result of the arrogant and treacherous government allowing millions of radical Islamists into the country who have a total alien culture and way of life. 

Moreover, large numbers of them are determined to take over our country by living on benefits and breeding faster than the native population.

Are we going to just sit back and let this happen? The answer is, No, of course not.

So, in summary, let’s get well organised in a sensible political and professional manner in preparation to defend our once great country and protect our culture and identity.


  1. These career politicians who are intent on importing our enemies don’t live in the real world ,recently an MP was killed maybe this is what it takes to educate these virtue signaling wanna bee twats that it’s wrong trying to out breed the English race.

  2. Unfortunately, this incident will soon be forgotten and there will be no mention of the root causes; i.e mass immigration & multiculturalism and the majority of the British people will go back to sleep! 😤

  3. Thanks to the quick action of the cabbie Dave Perry another Rememberance day atrocity was averted.
    The people of these Islands deserve a government that will prioritise the surveillance of those who would do harm , it is now time that human rights of those who wish harm to our people should be detained ( deported if foreign)
    A recent plane left with just 4 deportees because of spurious claims of lawyers ” that there case be reviewed ” . We must end this ” industry ” of asylum seeking and stop ALL immigration we must tear up the human rights act ( 1951) and provide an unshackled police and judiciary that protects our people from harm .
    We have seen time and again that terrorist attacks are attempted even though the culprits were ” under surveillance ” , not good enough , the authorities must ACT for the benefit of the greater good .
    There are no limit to the amount of ” heroes ” but the authorities must act swiftly and put the rights of the ordinary peaceful majority
    .Put Our rights first

  4. Shortly after the Liverpool bomb which thankfully did not detonate properly and which could have caused devastating injuries and deaths at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital had it done so, including to women and new-born babies exiting the Hospital and coming into the outside world for the very first time, the Corbynite Mayor of Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotheram launched an attack on ‘right wing idealogues’ and ‘keyboard warriors’ for seeking to create divisions in his precious community.

    This, coming from someone who was not slow to reach for the BBC airwaves and cyberspace himself, no doubt being fawned over by BBC Executives.

    The failed attempt to create death and destruction was caused by a failed asylum seeker whose claim was rejected as far back as 2014 and he was still free to cause mayhem after all this time and according to the BBC website, he was still appealing with new submissions at the time of his death.

    No-one is trying to create divisions in his precious community, he is probably doing that himself.
    Keyboard warriors – guilty as charged! Rotheram has easy access to the airwaves and the BBC in particular, we lesser mortals do not.

    So butt out Rotheram!

    We are victims of the multi-cultural cesspit, something which our ancestors and forefathers never asked for and which was created by the political class and the Establishment, Tories and Labour in particular. The Tories who will be eventually destroyed by multi-culturalism and Labour who seek to take full electoral advantage of incomers who will see Labour as a natural constituency for their grievances and votes. Meanwhile, indigenous peoples of this country will have less and less influence over their way of life. Destroyed by the political class and the Establishment.

    All we are trying to do is to expose the madness of this insane immigration and asylum system which has caused so much damage to this country. An asylum system which allows failed asylum seekers to stay for years and even, it seems indefinitely, after there claims have been rejected.
    This on the Watch of the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, whose abject failures will go down in History.

    There are signs that Tory MPs are now in a panic because there are by-elections coming up and it could become an election issue. Indeed it could and most certainly should. But don’t be fooled, they are not concerned with the immigration and asylum mess that they have created along with past governments of every description; they are concerned that they have been found out and that the electorate may hopefully punish them for being out of touch and ignoring public concern. It can’t come quickly enough. Tory Donors have latched onto this as well. Labour too, need to be punished at the polls.


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