Poland Leads by Example and Closes its Border 

The Polish government has deployed 12,000 troops to protect their border as huge numbers of migrants attempt to cross from Belarus.

Video footage showed thousands of people near a barbed-wire border fence, which some tried to force their way through.

Poland, Lithuania and Latvia say there’s been a surge in the number of people trying to enter their countries illegally from Belarus in recent months. Many of them have come from the Middle East and Asia.

Poland has responded to the large number of people arriving there by building a razor-wire fence.

The Polish Border Guard also said it was closing its border crossing with Belarus at Kuznica from Tuesday morning (9th November).

Meanwhile, the Lithuanian government have moved troops to its border with Belarus to prepare for a possible influx of migrants and was considering declaring a state of emergency.

The latest pictures from the Polish border are unprecedented, recalling scenes from the Greek-Macedonian border at the height of the 2015-16 migrant crisis.

Poland’s deputy foreign minister, Piotr Wawrzyk, accused Belarus of trying to orchestrate a major incident near Kuznica Bialostocka, a village close to the border, and warned of “an attempt at a mass border crossing”.

In footage shared on social media, crowds of migrants can be seen attempting to breach a razor-wire fence at the border but being prevented from passing through by Polish border guards. The migrants can be heard chanting, “German, German”. We assume Germany is their eventual destination.

Belarusian border officials insisted the migrants were simply exercising their rights to apply for refugee status in the EU.

One migrant can be seen attempting to smash his way through the razor-wire fence with a large shovel. Others are trying to cut their way through with tools, and some are chopping down trees that are falling onto the fence and flattening parts of it.

At Patriots’ Voice, we applaud the Polish government and authorities for standing strong and protecting their country from the mass invasion of migrants.

While Poland is using thousands of troops to protect its border, the UK government welcomes the invasion here on the south coast with open arms and puts the newcomers up in 4-star hotels at our expense! 

Considering the fact that Britain is a small island surrounded by miles and miles of sea, if we actually had a government that was serious about stopping this invasion, our borders would be much easier to secure. As we know all too well, migrants entering the UK usually become settled immigrants before long.

We will be posting another article soon explaining the only practical way to deal with the constant flow of immigrants into the UK and how it should be stopped.


    Europe is under siege from unwanted immigration and the Polish , Hungarian and Greek people are at the fault line of resistance.
    When Nation states ” joined ” the European Union the ‘ Schengen ‘ agreement ( freedom of movement) was thought to be movement of indigenous peoples between sovereign states not an invite for International tides of economic migration hoping for a better life ( at the detriment of the indigenous) .
    .The sad fact is that the E.U.have no political will nor want to stop gimmigration . It is because of this reluctance that Poland has erected a ” wall ” to keep out the relentless tide of ” asylum seekers ” hoping to reach the ‘ land of milk and honey ‘ Germany.
    All European people who value there heritage and history should be voting for nationalist and patriotic parties who will end the invasion .

  2. Unfortunately we have an absolutely wretched dishonest government and the Lib-Lab-Con are working overtime to let the whole of the Middle East and Africa into our tiny nation.There is a war on whites and everyone knows it. We’re really fecked. I hope Poland can keep the dangerous gimme grants out of their country.

  3. Well done to Poland for standing firm against the tide of migrants who think they have a divine right to enter the EU. Without doubt, many would have made their way to Calais and Dunkirk and from there made their way across the English Channel to our shores aided and abetted by ‘Border Force’ and put up in 4 Star Hotels by our own supine Government at Taxpayers’ Expense.

    There are Reports that Belarus has started shipping some migrants back to Northern Iraq, thanks to Poland’s strong stance.

    Our enfeebled Home Secretary, meanwhile pays France £54 million to stem the flow, talks a good game but delivers nothing and claims to be exasperated by the French. The remedy is in the Government’s hands.
    Turning boats back will soon send a message to the migrants and their people smugglers. Those that get through must be shipped back.

    The Government has the option to put a ‘ring of steel’ in the English Channel, but they are afraid of the criticism that would ensue from the Liberal Left.

    A Government that is so enfeebled that it cannot or will not protect our borders is no Government at all.


  4. It’s no suprise that nation states in Europe are now beginning to heed the voice of their indigenous populations , and the message is clearly ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
    A hundred years ago ( before modern forms of transportation ) the shift of populations was mainly occurring on the continent where they lived and remained generally remained homogeneous ( except those who had no home )
    But the two disastrous wars changed all this with technological advances and inter continental travel exploded.
    The ability to VISIT other countries gave people a ‘ window ‘ to another way of living ,and to poor undeveloped populations this presented a ” dream ” of a new life.
    The country where this was of greatest benefit was the U.S.A a ” nation of immigrants ” was born and prospered to the ‘ super power of the century.
    This land ‘ of plenty ‘ started a Snowball effect of successive waves of immigration from the Indian sub continent and above all Africa.
    Due to nature , corruption and and wars this tide of immigration remains unabated so much so it is now seen as an invasion and Displacement of indigenous people.
    The Nation states of Europe cannot sustain a influx of those that ” think they have found the land of milk and honey ” and the time is NOW to protect our way of life , our beliefs and freedoms from those who would change all of this. THE NATIONALISTS OF EUROPE MUST AGREE A COMMON POLICY ON IMMIGRATION WHICH STOPS ALL IMMIGRATION AND RIPS UP THE UNITED NATIONS REFUGEE CONVENTION 1951.

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