Save Our Statues – Protect Our History – Edinburgh

The campaign to protect our history and cultural heritage continues against the woke mob who are hell-bent on eradicating everything we hold dear.

Left-wing activists are currently busy attempting to ‘rewrite’ and erase our precious and unique British history.

Unless we fight back against this nonsense at every occurrence, there will be nothing left of our native history and culture.

The City of Edinburgh Council

An SNP/Labour coalition is the largest group on The City of Edinburgh Council.  True to form, the Marxists from both the SNP and Labour are working hand in hand with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The council have launched an independent ‘review’ to consider and make recommendations on how to address Edinburgh’s so-called slavery and colonialism legacy in the civic realm.

It is also seeking views about a selection of prominent features in the public realm, including monuments, street names and buildings.

In other words, Black Lives Matter and similar groups are pushing a certain agenda to remove our monuments and statues and also change the names of streets and buildings.

Now all of the city’s monuments are at risk, from William Pitt to Robbie Burns. 

William Pitt the Younger became the youngest Prime Minister of Great Britain at the age of 24 and the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.


It’s our job as Patriots to push back hard and win the battle to preserve not only our history and cultural heritage but also our precious ancestral identity.

Have your say

Below is a link where you can take part in the public consultation, which closes on 19th January 2022.
Tell them what you think in a respectful and polite manner.

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  1. Willingly filled in the survey although I’m a Londoner I’ve visited the beautiful capital Edinburgh many times and NEVER heard any Scot talk about removal of statues, renaming streets or even WHO benefitted from slavery . The history and historic setting of Edinburgh is perfect and makes a lot of money for the country through tourism ,perhaps events in the past are not to everyone’s liking ,but that’s where it belongs in the past. There is a pattern in these Islands developing that wishes to destroy our heritage and history by a MINORITY that will always consider themselves ” the other , the outsider, the un represented, they are wrong in these Islands the rule by majority stands and to change that the system needs to change.

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