Glasgow Rally Saturday 23rd October: Stop the Northern Ireland Protocol

Following on from the successful protest and parade in London last week, the next in a series of events aimed at forcing the government to ‘Scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol’ will take place in Glasgow on Saturday 23rd October.

It is hard to believe, but well over five years since we delivered the historic Brexit referendum result, the European Union is still pulling the strings and dictating to us what we can and can’t do within the United Kingdom!

The EU has undemocratically usurped Northern Ireland into its grip and has no intention of letting go.

When over 17.4 Million of us voted to leave the European Union, we voted for the entire United Kingdom to leave. However, the people of Northern Ireland have been badly let down by Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal with the EU. This deal included the Northern Ireland Protocol, a deal that effectively leaves Northern Ireland stuck in the EU “single market” for goods, with a customs border in the Irish Sea. This is unacceptable and must be reversed for the democratic Brexit referendum result to be fully carried through.


The protocol must be replaced by arrangements that respect Northern Ireland’s constitutional position as an integral part of the United Kingdom.

It is now our duty to ensure the whole of the United Kingdom will be finally set free from the shackles of the odious EU.

The Glasgow Rally is a family-friendly event where everyone is welcome.

The campaign poster shown below includes all the details of the assembly point and code of conduct.


  1. The tone of voice the government is now using when talking to the Brussels diktate regarding the N I Protocol assures me that the protests against the ‘ Protocol ‘ are having the desired effect. After the successful Trafalgar Square protest the campaign moves to Glasgow where there is assured a great turnout , the patriot voice WILL be heard one law one rule in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. See you on the 23 October.

  2. Live in England, I will attend this rally and wish you all the best in your efforts against the dreadful protocol

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