Realistic Patriotism: Marine Le Pen launches Immigration Referendum Plan!

French political heavyweight Marine Le Pen has launched a new election campaign pledge.

Ms Le Pen, leader of the National Rally party (RN) and presidential election candidate for 2022, has promised, if elected, to hold an Immigration Referendum that could drastically reduce Immigration into France. 

Le Pen’s bill, which will be called the Citizenship, Identity and Immigration bill, was introduced to the media at a press conference on Tuesday and is aimed at tackling three key objectives: control of migration flows, protection of French nationality and citizenship as well as the supremacy of the French constitution.

During her press conference, Le Pen said her proposals were “firm but realistic, politically and legally viable and therefore enforceable.” 

Marine Le Pen launches her new policy alongside colleagues during a press conference.

Le Pen would like to enact multiple measures, including prioritising French nationals for housing and employment, as well as facilitating more deportations and having asylum applications be undertaken overseas.

She has also vowed to halt family reunification migration, also known as chain migration, which often accounts for many migrants per year in various countries such as Sweden, where the amount is usually higher than new asylum claims.

The end of birthright citizenship, or Jus soli, is another goal for Le Pen in her proposal. France birthright citizenship laws are not as simple as other countries where a child born of foreign parents is automatically granted citizenship for being born within the country’s territory.

In France, automatic citizenship at birth is only granted if at least one parent is already French (or was born before 1994 in a former French colony) or the child is stateless. Under certain circumstances, children born in French territory can later claim citizenship.

Le Pen also revealed the question on the referendum that would be posed to the French public on immigration.

“Elected, I will present a referendum,” Le Pen said and added, “Do you approve of the Citizenship Identity and Immigration bill that will present a comprehensive immigration control plan?” 

Later during a TV interview, the straight-talking patriot said, “The French people must be masters at home, and that is why I presented the bill on immigration that I will submit to them by referendum. FINALLY, on this essential subject, the French will be able to express themselves!”

Straight-talking from Le Pen during a TV interview also posted onto her Twitter account.

Marine Le Pen is the leading light for Patriotic politics in western Europe. Patriots in the UK should watch closely and learn from her realistic, practical, professional and sensible approach. 

Our team at Patriots’ Voice have strong connections with members of the National Rally party. We will be networking with them to achieve the ultimate goal of unifying the Patriotic movement in the future. This is in the best interests of all Patriots in the UK and Europe.

Good luck to Marine Le Pen and the National Rally!

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  1. Congratulations to Marie Le Penn for proposing a true Patriots Manifesto or the French to vote for.
    It is obvious to all Nationalists in Europe that the Liberal/ leftist European Union is a front for the: Great Replacement ” of the indigenous populations by Asian and African hoards of gimmigrants.
    The so called ” far right ” politics are really the main stream thought process , and a breakthrough by National Rally would lead to a tidal wave of Nationalists candidates obtaining Office.
    With the disastrous political parties in Great Britain and Northern Ireland the answer would be a government on National Unity .

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