“Foreign Aid Is Corrosive” – Expert In International Affairs Launches Attack On Overseas Spending

Patriots have been critical of the UK government spending huge amounts of taxpayers’ money on foreign aid for numerous reasons. Some establishment journalists are finally breaking free from their failing liberal viewpoint and are agreeing with us!

An expert in international affairs has launched a fierce attack against overseas spending, particularly in Afghanistan, describing it as a “destructive force”.

Ian Birrell (pictured above), a journalist and former speechwriter to David Cameron, appeared on Good Morning Britain, delivering a direct criticism of the cult of foreign aid. 

Mr Birrell has extensive knowledge of foreign affairs, having reported as a foreign correspondent for British newspapers from Egypt, Haiti, Iraq, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Syria, and others.

During an interview on Good Morning Britain, he slammed the West’s lavish foreign aid spending. Birrell said, “My problem is it is very corrosive,” he told viewers. “We have seen in Afghanistan that it fostered the conflict. It gave money to the insurgency. It undermined support because so much was being stolen, so blatantly. It undermined democracy. It undermined support for the government.

“And you have to ask yourselves, why do we want to support the Taliban anyway. At the end of all this, it is illogical.”

Birrell was not uncompassionate, describing foreign aid policies as a “natural response” to hardship overseas. Nevertheless, armed with damning facts, he launched a withering attack on entrenched liberal dogma that views any criticism of generous development payments as scandalously immoral.

“The trouble is that aid has been a very destructive force for 50 years since the industry really began to take off in Biafra with the Nigerian civil war in the late 60s, and we’ve seen it cause problems in Rwanda, in Ethiopia, in Somalia, all around the world,” said Birrell.

Moving onto Afghanistan, he said, “We have to ask ourselves the question, why did it collapse, and one of the primary reasons is because so much money was pumped in. Absurd amounts of money.

“If you look at the aid alone, 50 billion dollars alone was put in there. Now, if that had just been given to the Afghan people, that would have made each Afghan citizen a millionaire, and we would have had 13 billion spare.”

Birrell has also been scathing of the BBC in its reporting on aid, tweeting in April: “BBC coverage of aid is so biased, parroting claims from charities without examining facts or vested interests. Today it repeats claims about cuts to water projects from a charity that pays its US boss $247k pa. Shouldn’t it tell audiences it takes millions also for aid projects?”

We Patriots are moving the ‘Overton Window’ in the right direction, which means we are pushing Patriotism into the ‘mainstream’. As a result, a number of mainstream media journalists and establishment figures are slowly but surely repeating our common sense ideas and political aims. At the same time, they watch their liberal utopia crumble.

Let’s keep piling the pressure onto the liberal establishment by spreading patriotic political ideas across the internet. 

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  1. Foreign aid started as a good will gesture by the government on behalf of the tax payers,but over the decades the money has been diverted to use that is anything but aid . The World has seen ” aid ” misused, time now to reappraise the actual benefits that can be gained Afghanistan is the perfect point whereby ordinary people rarely see the benefits
    Having just come out of the wuhan pandemics our economy and national debt need correction before the government hands out billions of tax payers money when there are so many in our Islands that need help .Charity begins at home..

  2. Not only is it corrosive, it is immoral that the government of a country should neglect its own citizens and redistribute their taxes to foreign countries who will misappropriate those funds. I’m glad this website has the courage to highlight this scam.

  3. I think it was Ron Paul who said, – ‘foreign aid is taking money from poor people of rich countries, and giving it to rich people of poor countries.’

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