Save Our Statues – Protect Our History – Enough Is Enough!

Britain has a glorious history and cultural heritage, BUT it is under threat from the ultra-leftist Goldsmiths University in the south London borough of Lewisham.

Goldsmiths is known as the focal point of left-wing political thought and ideas.

The University has opened a consultation asking people to tell them what they think should happen to the 115-year-old statues on the front of Deptford Town Hall of Sir Francis Drake, Cromwellian Admiral Robert Blake, Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, and an anonymous representative naval figure. 

Options for the consultation include retaining the statues with further explanation, altering some or all of the statues, or removing some or all of the statues.

As a Grade II listed building, any significant alterations to its façade, which faces onto the busy New Cross Road, would need planning approval from Lewisham Council, who would notify Historic England.

Goldsmiths’ consultation responds to one of the demands of Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action (GARA), a student protest group.

Goldsmiths so-called ‘Anti-Racist’ activists are pushing hard to eradicate our history

Deptford Town Hall has already been attacked by a leftist mob. Red paint was thrown at the statues of our heroes.

Leftist thugs hurled red paint at the statues outside Deptford Town Hall

You can see where this is going. It’s a campaign to eradicate our history and cultural heritage. 

Sir Francis Drake is an English hero and historical legend. As traditionalists know, Sir Francis Drake is revered for circumnavigating the globe in expeditions on his ship the Golden Hind from 1577 to 1580. He is regarded as a hero for defeating the Spanish Armada in 1588 saving the country from invasion and ultimate conquest.

Sir Francis Drake

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, another one of our heroes, brought about a number of decisive British naval victories, particularly during the Napoleonic Wars. Lord Nelson’s victories and great courage caught the public imagination of his time, and he was considered a hero. Nelson had a reputation for being an inspirational leader and was greatly admired by the men under his command. He also had great skills in naval strategy and tactics.

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson

However, Sir Francis Drake, Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson and others are not safe from the leftist, anti-British mob who intend to remove anything remotely patriotic.

The leftist agenda is all based around historical issues over slavery.

However, when it comes to slavery in the 1500s, the question must be asked:

Who didn’t engage in slavery in the 1500s?

There was a gigantic Islamic/Arab slave trade (through Sudan) at the time which transported large numbers of Africans into the Middle East.

Are the leftist anti-Patriotic brigade demanding that Muslim nations apologise for their history and send reparations to Africa?

No, of course they are not.

The woke culture war seems to be directed solely at white Western nations only. We must resist this at all costs and push back against the blatant ongoing attempt to eradicate our nation’s history, culture and heritage.

We urge you to participate in the consultation before the deadline of 17th October 2021. Tell them what you think by using the link below:

Also, write to the Labour Member of Parliament for the Lewisham Deptford constituency, Vicky Foxcroft, using the email address below:

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  1. Why did all these immigrants come here if they thought this country did such terrible things in the past, surely it’s wrong to knowingly live off of exploitation.

  2. Phil,
    Exactly. Mass immigration was started be the Tories in the 1950s and 60s too stupid to realise that these immigrants and their descendants would not vote Tory. Of course, this was grist to the mill of Labour who rubbed their hands with glee at the Tories’ stupidity and they became a natural constituency for the Labour Party and we are now reaping the whirlwind of past mistakes.

    The Tories are in denial about all of this and they don’t care either.

    My message to immigrants; Love it or Leave.


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