Conservatives – The Party of Open Borders

The Conservative party has been deceiving the British electorate for at least the last fifty years.

In past elections, the Conservatives have masqueraded as a patriotic party of law and order and traditional family values. Time and again, they have managed to hoodwink decent, patriotic voters who have been desperate to see a change in direction for the future of the country. 

They have also cunningly tricked voters into believing they are a party that would be tough on Immigration. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! The modern Conservative party is a thoroughly weak and liberal political organisation.

The Conservatives have been in power since 2010. In that time, net Immigration figures into the UK have hit record highs. At an average of approximately 250,000 per year, the net numbers surpass anything in the past by quite some margin.

This is an organised and well-funded Conservative government scheme to change the demographic identity and culture of our country. It has been labelled a ‘Population replacement programme’, which is a very accurate title for it.

Our assessment of the main reason large numbers of Brits still vote for the Tories is basically to keep the Labour party out of office. Here at Patriots’ Voice, we have lost count of the times we’ve been told the following, 
“I know the Conservatives are a bunch of no good career politicians who are only lining their own pockets, but I’d rather vote for them than Labour. If Labour gets into number 10 Downing Street, things will be even worse.” 

Of course, millions of Brits have given up voting altogether, and election turnouts are usually depressingly low, especially at local council elections.

The First Past The Post (FPTP) voting system used at most elections in the UK is an unbalanced system and doesn’t represent the electorate fairly at all. The much fairer Proportional Representation (PR) voting system that is used in numerous other European countries often results in large numbers of Patriotic Nationalist party candidates being elected into parliaments across the continent. Some of them are in a coalition government, while others are in the position of being the second largest party of opposition. The desire for PR in the UK is growing right across the political spectrum. It is used to a limited extent at regional elections in London, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, MPs elected to Westminster, and local government councillors at every level are still currently decided by the FPTP system.

Under the FPTP system, the winning party is usually elected by considerably less than 50% of the voters. In 2015, the Conservative Party won the election and formed the government, but only 36.9% of the people who voted chose to support the Conservatives!

At present, the Conservatives have no real strong opposition on the Patriotic ‘right’ in British politics.

It really is time for Patriotic Nationalists to get serious about building a democratic, sensible, realistic, and well-organised party machine that will be capable of making an impact at election time. Primarily at local council elections initially, in order to build support at the grassroots level as a springboard for greater success in the future.

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  1. There are three, possibly four by-elections coming up, one of which is next Thursday 2 Dec. 2021 in Old Bexley and Sidcup and another two weeks later in Shropshire North on Thursday 16 Dec. 2021. The third by-election will be Southend West, which has yet to be called and which may be uncontested. These three seats are safe Tory seats, while the fourth if it happens at all is Leicester East, a Labour seat and which is held by Claudia Webbe, a black woman who was convicted on 4 Nov. 2021 of harassment of a love rival and who Labour have expelled and have called on her to resign her seat. She is appealing against her conviction and appears to be dragging it out for as long as possible.

    These are heaven sent opportunities, which rarely come along, for the electorates to deliver a withering verdict on the Government’s handling of the Cross Channel migrant crisis and the Parliamentary Standards crisis.
    There are patriotic parties to a lesser or greater degree standing in these elections. Their policies may or may not be tough enough in dealing with the migrant crisis, but they are a better option than the failed Establishment Parties.

    Tory MPs are in a panic and so are Tory Donors and so they should be, one of whom was quoted as stating that ‘immigration could destroy the Conservative Party’. He is right. The Conservative Party is on its self inflicted path to self-destruction and long may it continue. It wouldn’t matter if it destroyed the Conservative Party, but far more importantly, migration could destroy our way of life as we know it.

    Tory MPs are in a panic, not because of the sheer numbers of migrants year after year and the cross channel migrant crisis and their effect on our Society, of which they care nothing, but because this is all happening inconveniently at the same time as up coming by-elections and because the recent deaths in the English Channel have thrown the cross channel migrant crisis into sharp focus, putting in jeopardy their political survival. They worry about their precious seats and the next General Election which will take place in 2024 at the very latest and of course, their declining electoral standing in the Polls.

    The cross channel migrant crisis has so far seen over 25000 migrants this year, mainly from the Middle East and Africa attempting and succeeding in crossing from France to the Kent Coast. Over 6000 have arrived so far this month in search of a ‘better life’ and who have travelled through several safe countries to get here, and whose culture and way of life is vastly different from our own, aided and abetted by the French Authorities and by our own pathetic Border Force taxi service. These are absolutely disastrous figures and which go without a scintilla of concern from any MP from any Party, other than a few MPs who represent Kent constituencies.
    All this despite the hapless Home Secretary, Priti Patel giving £54 million to the French in order to police their coastline and which the French Police were seen failing to stop migrants carrying dinghies into the sea. This on top of the huge sums previously given to the French to fortify their security in Calais.

    It is a truly shameless disregard of public concern. It is likely to get worse before it gets better.

    Poland with its migrant crisis on its border with Belarus set the example on how to deal with it. They blockaded their border with Police and a Military presence.
    It should not be beyond the wit of our government to get very tough with these invaders. The Royal Navy should be dispatched in the middle of the English Channel to set up a ‘wall of steel’ to stop them with the Border Force present to transport them back to France. Greece did so successfully in the Aegian Sea.
    Those that do get through must be sent back immediately, no messing.
    Getting tough with these invaders and getting tough with the French. It is the only thing the French understand.

    Meanwhile, the public, instead of moaning about it, must write to their MPs in order to exercise the minds of the rotten political class.
    Nothing guarantees success, but doing nothing guarantees failure.


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