Sadiq Khan Disrespecting the English!

Now that the dust has settled since the European football Championships earlier this summer, let’s have a look at how the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, tried to use the England team as a political football.

Just a few hours before the final match of the tournament kicked off at Wembley Stadium between England and Italy, Mr Khan decided to post the following meme on both his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The main thrust of his message was,
“The England team would not exist without immigration.”

Sadiq Khan posted this onto social media just hours before England played the Euro Final.

Here we have a Labour politician at one of the highest levels of elected office in the country, posting total and utter nonsense to millions of social media users.

The England football team certainly would exist, either with or without immigration into England. In fact, any country on the planet could and would have a national football team, either with, or without immigration into their country.

When England won the World Cup in 1966, was the team packed with players from immigrant communities? No, it wasn’t.

Not only is his post factually incorrect, but it is also very disrespectful to the English people by suggesting the English need immigrants to play football at an international level. 

Mr Khan and his ilk repetitively call for free speech to be curtailed so minority groups are not offended in any way, but perhaps in this instance, the English population might be offended by his actions! Labour party politicians such as Sadiq Khan have now become so reliant on votes from immigrant communities to get themselves re-elected, they will say virtually anything to convince the public that large scale immigration into our small island has been an overwhelming success. However, many of us disagree with him.

Mr Khan, as usual, is playing with words and twisting the truth to push a certain agenda. Increasing numbers of voters can see straight through him these days. Consequently, his majority was cut significantly at the last London Mayoral election, when thousands of Labour supporters voted tactically against him.

For now, let’s keep exposing him for disrespecting the English people on his social media platforms and for the calamitous policies he has introduced in our capital city. Together we may have a chance of defeating him at the next election.